Please contact Gabby’s manager with all public relations questions, requests for bookings, and general inquiries.

Blase Barrett, Manager

Legal: Gabby Barrett(TM) is a trademark used by Gabby Barrett (Artist). Use or modification of this trademark or any content from this website is not permitted without permission from Gabby Barrett, LLC.

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Sponsors, like fans, are extremely important to Gabby. She appreciates all help and would like to thank these sponsors especially.

Allegheny Chiropractor
Angels for Alicia
Audible Images Recording Studios
Aunt Anna’s Biscotti
Blasey Records
Dravosburg Auto
Joseph A. Santiesteban, M.D

Knick Knack Paddy Whacks
Krempasky Family
Laura Yasko
Lincoln Benson & Joe Bilock
Munhall Music Academy
Noviello’s Sunset Cafe
Playmore Bowling
Randy Mahoney
Spencer’s Down Under
Sturman & Larkin Ford, Inc


Every year Gabby gives back to the community by performing for those in need of some happiness. Gabby has committed time performing for the following organizations.

Camp Star
Children’s Hospital


Team Gabby is a collection of family, friends, and fans that assist Gabby with a number of things. These individuals have varying education and professional backgrounds. They often help at concerts by setting up, taking photos and video, and distributing flyers. Team Gabby manages Gabby’s website and social media pages, in addition to designing most of her flyers, posters, and marketing materials. Team Gabby is a perfect opportunity for a college intern looking for experience in working with a professional vocalist. Team Gabby is always looking for new talent in the areas of advertising, graphic design, or marketing. Anyone interested in joining Team Gabby should contact her manager.